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Fond du Lac, WI, us
About me:
Hi, I'm Cat and I am a 17 year-old singer/songwriter/musician. I haven't been a JG fan too long, but will be for the rest of my life! I want to be a GROBANITE badly! I soon will be joining FOJG!!! So, can't wait to join the "Navy Seals" of Josh's fan base! I LOVE GROBANIA! WHOOOHOOO! I love fashion, and I have an eye for the perfect style. There is a deep desire in my heart to do something to impact a lot of people, whether through singing, fashion design, or even teaching music. As you will find out about me, music is my life and will never leave my soul. Music is as important to me as food and water. I hope that I can use my musical talents to impact someone, whether it be one person, or one million persons, I want to make a difference! People ask me how I became a Grobanite... well, it happened in two stages. In 2005, I discovered Josh by chance but didn't become a die-hard fan... then this year (2009), I became a Grobanite. The First Stage: In late 2005, my aunt and I were coming back home from Madison, WI, after some last minute Christmas shopping. We were driving along and listening to a station that was playing continueous Christmas music. At one point the radio announcer says, "And now for a rendtion of "O Holy Night" as done by Josh Groban." I said to my aunt, "Who's Josh Groban?" She didn't answer me, so I just listened. My questioning turned to amazment... I thought, "Oh, my God! This Josh Groban guy is amazing, his voice is the best I ever heard." By the end of the song, my aunt and I were left in tears. The Second Stage: This past February, I broke up with a very abusive boyfriend, who basically demoralized me right down to my soul. I was a broken girl. Then one day my sister took me shopping up in Neenah, and we heard "You're Still You" on the radio. When the song came to the line, "I will remember you, and what life put you through..." I could've sworn that Josh was singing to me. Ever since I have been a FULL ON GROBANITE!!!! Not only has Josh relit the fire in my soul to sing again, he has changed my life. Josh... he has made me realize that there are still kind, sweet, caring, loving, and sensitive men out there with a heart in their chest. With the song Never Let Go, I "realized that there is room for love again", and I am sure I will find someone to love me. And, Josh, if you ever come across this profile. THANK YOU! Thank you for being the great man that you are. You are beautiful human being, and nothing can change that. Sincerely, Cat P.S. "It's up to us to be the change." - Thankful, Noel "When you change colors, I'll change mine too." - Changing Colors
Favorite Music:
Anything from Josh, anything that my Mom listens to, anything that defies covention!
Favorite TV Shows:
1. Awake - Josh Groban, Awake 2. Please Come To Boston - Reba McEntire, Starting Over 3. Per Te - Josh Groban, Closer 4. Move Me - Garth Brooks, Sevens 5. That Wasn't Me - Martina McBride, The Way That I Am 6. Sweet Thing - Keith Urban, Defying Gravity 7. Thankful - Josh Groban, Noel 8. You Hold Me Together - Dierks Bentley, Feel That Fire 9. Its All Coming Back To Me Now - Celine Dion, Falling Into You 10. Which One of Them - Garth Brooks, Ropin' the Wind 11. Un Giorno Per Noi - Josh Groban, Awake 12. The Rope - Martina McBride, The Time Has Come 13. Send Me A Song - Celtic Women, Celtic Women 14. Ireland - Garth Brooks, Fresh Horses 15. To Where You Are - Josh Groban, Josh Groban
Favorite Movies:
Okay, I'll just list all my favorite movies... Twister August Rush Tombstone Miracle Milo and Otis The Polar Express Dirt and Drift - 24 Hours With NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne
Favorite Books:
The List... The Holy Bible Gone With the Wind Scarlett (sequel of GWWTW) The Last Silk Dress In My Fathers House The Giver To Kill A Mockingbird On Secret Service Charleston {North and South Trilogy} North and South Love and War Heaven and Hell
Favorite Quotes:
Stand by Me (Catherine Carpenter) (Female) You know my story, You know my song, You know my every glory, You know for what I long. Chorus Stand by me, And our souls shall be free, Stand at my side, And we shall never need to hide, Stand here with your hand in mine, And we will be fine, Stand with your cares out of sight, And you can follow me into the night, Stand by me, Stand by me. (Male) I see your pain, I see your fear, I see your restrain, I see your tears. Chorus (Twice) Female: Please, stand by me Male: I'll stand by you Female: Please, open my eyes to see Male: I'll do anything for you Female: Show me what love really can be Male: Take my hand and I'll try Female: Please, be here when I need love Male: I promise to hold you when you cry Both: Lord, in heaven above Don't let this moment pass us by… Chorus Stand by me… Stand by me…

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My Titles as a Grobanite, as given by my fellow Grobanites

I am a proud supporter of:
The so called Grobanian Llama Police Force and the Grobanian Fire Department.
Josh Groban

Head Officer of Morale (self nominated as the "Hawkeye" of the Grobanites for the M*A*S*H fans)

Head Prankster - I carry duct tape, Glad wrap, and Silly String at all times.

Grobanian Princess of Pixie Sticks and Chocolate

Official Fashion Stylist

Josh's co-lyricist


The Angel of Inner Rhythm

I also need to say that I am one of the Grobanite Borg, resistance is futile, you WILL be assimalated.

Upcoming events

My Campaign To Get Kudos
Now that I have a steady job, I am starting a campaign. For every friend that I make and every kudo I recieve, I will ask you and I donate one dollar to the JGF, I am looking for help on this... because I don't have all the money in the world, but you get my point.
The JGF is a cause that is near and dear to my heart and will be always, please help!

Your loyal friend and Grobanite,
Catherine "Cat" Kaye Carpenter

P.S PM me for further details.

People I Look Up To

Josh Groban
Martina McBride
Joshua Bell
Lucia Micarelli
Vannessa Freebairn-Smith
Colette Alexander
Tariqh Akoni
Tim Curle (the coolest percussionist ever... goat toes included!)
Craig McIntyre
(All the other members of the Groband that I can't remember, sorry)
Kasey Kahne
Tony Stewart
My Grobie brothers, Matt and Vlad
All of my Grobie sisters
And most of all my Mom!

These people have impacted my life profoundly. They not only are people that I look up to, but they are people that I wish utter happiness, joy, and abundance of well-being, that and for God's watchful eye and hand to be on them in all of the things that things that they do.

For it is though God that all things are possible.

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